Production title: Time Goes By Slowly Around Here Production Type: Independent Project length: Short Film (12 minutes) Project format: 2:35 HD Posted on:February
Production location: Dublin Production Company: Quantum Film & Media Company website: Director: Jannik Ohlendieck Producer: Derek Keane Shooting Location: Taney, Dublin Email: Compensation: No
Self-Tape Deadline: February 15th Shooting Starts: Mar 7th, 2019 Shooting Ends: Mar 21st, 2019
A despondent heroin addict loses his girlfriend to an overdose and is forced to endure a rehab clinic with an erratic professor. His cynical and hopeless perspective on life may however be too far gone for saviour. Is there still time?
Character BIOS
Violet is an avant-garde painter, who is experimenting with hard drugs. She is very adventurous and outgoing however is covering up her inner torment with her drug use. Her inner demons have been informing all of her decisions leading up to the fatal dose.
Aloysius is an unemployed academic, who is recovering from a serious cocaine and speed addiction. A well-meaning but overbearing character, Aloysius wants to change the people around him for the better, but his lack of self-awareness gets in his way. His eccentric nature pushes him to influence those around him for better or worse.
Fiona is an elderly woman who used to be a severe alcoholic. She has lost all contact with her family and is now residing in a rehab centre in Dublin. Essentially she is fed up with life and has a very cynical outlook n life.
Trisha is a dedicated nurse who is a bit too enthusiastic about her work. Her infectious optimism proves to be rather annoying to her patients and she is completely unaware of this. Trisha means very well and wants the best for her patients but this does not always happen.
If you are interested in sending me a self tape submission for any of these roles please let me know and I will send you over the script.