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Welcome to the home of Dublin Central School of Acting.

Dublin Central School of Acting provides a creative space where people who are new to the Industry can learn the craft of Film and TV acting, working with trained and experienced professionals.

DCSA also provides quality workshops for the experienced actor who need to hone their skills for Soaps/Episodic TV and Film Acting.

The school was founded by Casting Director Gillian Reynolds who regularly teaches at the school-along with special guest Directors/Artists.

It was great to have Mitchell Mullen in Filming an online TV series with our students.They loved being part of the scenes. Between him and fellow actor Elizabeth Moynihan and to their Director who was so patient in explaining why certain shots were used- from Masters to over the shoulder and 180 degree angle- all the theory learnt in class became so clear.

Such a good actor! Elizabeth was Fab too!

Mitchell Mullen IMDB profile:


Our next Get into Film & TV Acting all day Saturday course for Newcomers starts on January 25th 2020.Currently there are three places left.

The Tuesday evening course for Newcomers starts on the 1st February 2020 is booked out.

Our next Stanislavski one day workshop is available on either the 1st or 2nd February.There is one workshop for less experienced actors and one for Experienced actors.

Our Advanced Acting for camera 3 day intensive course runs from 28th Feb for three days- with Peter sheridan- Clelia Murphy-Hilary Reynolds.This is for experienced actors who have stage experience but wish to learn more about the craft of Acting in front of camera.

You’ll  find some Casting notices and Industry related topics under Blog.

Also-congrats to our Resident Casting Director Gillian Reynolds on the recent opening of the Feature Film- Out of Innocence-which she cast-based on the Kerry babies case-it is a heartbreaking film and part of our recent past.You can see the trailer in our Blog section.

Here are some samples of some recent graduate showreels that were filmed on the final day of  the 10 week all day Saturday Film & TV Acting course.

Meet the Crew !

Gillian Reynolds Casting

Gillian Reynolds
Principal Tutor:  for the Part Time “GET INTO FILM and T.V. ACTING” course


Elizabeth Moynihan
Tutor: Stanislavski one day Workshop


Peter Sheridan
Tutor: Advanced Acting for Camera for Film /Episodic TV / Soaps


Hilary Reynolds
Tutor: Advanced Acting for Camera for Film / Episodic TV / Soaps

Clelia Murphy

Clelia Murphy
Tutor: Advanced Acting for Camera for Film / Episodic TV / Soaps

Keith Dixon-Photographer

Keith Dixon

Ronan O'Leary

Ronan O’Leary
Director for Showreels, 10 week Part Time course


Alan Dunne

Brendan Harrington Photographer

Brendan Harrington

Our Dynamic 10-Week Course


Available on Saturdays,

From 10 am – 5.00 pm.

This course runs every Saturday from 10am – 5pm The next available course  starts on Saturday 25th January 2019.

There are currently places available.

The course is ideally suited to Newcomers/people who have been movie extras and want that bit more and  those who have been out of the Profession for a long period of time.

It is aimed at those who are particularly interested in Film and TV Acting. The objective is to get you to a level whereby at the end of the course you will have a Professioanl Show Reel and Headshot. Samples of these can be found on the home page.

To this end we have broken the course down as follows:



Currently there is a waiting list for the Tuesday course.

You are taken on a step by step journey into the world of Film and TV Acting techniques.

It is aimed at those who want a taster into Acting and Performing in front of camera.

Testimonials for the “Get into Film and TV acting for Newcomers”

James Larkin“The Dublin Central School of Acting course with Casting Director Gillian Reynolds was absolutely amazing. Best 10 weeks I’ve had.I’m a newcomer to this.This is the course definitely to go to. Gillian will drive you on to better heights and growth.”
James Larkin

Thomas Leggett“If you’re thinking about doing this course I’d seriously advise it .I absolutely enjoyed all 10 weeks.
It’s sad it’s coming to an end now. I’d really recommend it. Gillian’s great.Learnt loads.”
Thomas Leggett.

James Larkin“I loved the course.I recommend it highly. Gillian’s a star. Just do it!”
Don Patrick

Serena Barnes“I have to say I never did anything like this before but I would do it again in a heartbeat.It was great.”
Serena Barnes

Morgan Bolger“I really enjoyed the course and I would recommend it to anyone who’s looking to start getting into Acting. The tuition was great. Gillian was very helpful and practical. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.”
Morgan Bolger

Advanced Acting For Film | Episodic T.V. | Soaps
(3 Day Course)

This course is aimed at those who have some training and experience in acting – but need hands-on experience with Film Acting. The course covers Soaps, Episodic TV, and Film Acting, and the techniques required for each format.

Stanislavski: A One Day Intensive Workshop Run By Elizabeth-Moynihan
(Actress And Writer)

Stanislavski developed the method technique still being used by many actors world wide to help them create believable characters with real emotions and actions in the characters they portray. Stanislavski method acting is basically in seven steps.

Teen Acting For Camera-Film and TV- Is A 5 Day Summer Course
(For 12- 17 year olds.)

This course is specifically designed for young people with little or no experience in film-making or acting for camera – which is very different from stage acting!

Any questions please just call or Email



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