Advanced Acting For Film | Episodic T.V. | Soaps
(3 Day Course)

This course is aimed at those who have some training and experience in acting – but need hands-on experience with Film Acting. The course covers Soaps, Episodic TV, and Film Acting, and the techniques required for each format.

It will be an intensive course, employing one to three cameras, and focusing solely on Film and TV scene work.
Framing, eye lines, blocking, continuity for the one camera (Film and Episodic TV) and for the three-camera set-ups (Soaps and Sitcoms).
How to feel comfortable in front of camera and create a circle of “in the moment” security while on set.

Gillian will focus on the technical skills required for working on different formats for Film, TV and Soaps.

Film Director/Writer Peter Sheridan will focus on film and the Art of Acting for Film. His class will be based on practical exercises for camera, with playback analysis.

There will also be a Masterclass with Hilary Reynolds , who will work on Acting techniques and script analysis for TV Soaps and the approaches an actor takes to bring a soap character to life. Having been both an Actress and currently one of the principal writers for FAIR  CITY for several years, Hilary Reynolds will analyse the subtle techniques needed to master the development of Soap characterisation. She will use current Soap scripts for practicals.

Clelia Murphy is not available due to work commitments -so we will be having Director/Producer Liam O’Neill from Paradox Pictures in as our guest speaker.

With Hilary you will better understand how Soaps develop from the story room to acting in studio, plus  explore how to prepare as an actor and what to expect on set.

You will work on scenes, dissect character, focus on technique, shoot and view on screen, ending with a discussion on how you might improve your skills with confidence.

February – Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 1st March

The Teachers Club Dublin 1.