The Workshops run for 5 days from Monday 26th June-Friday 30th June 2023. Time: 10.30am- 3pm.The course is specifically designed for young people with little or no experience in film-making or acting for camera.

Fee: E195

Venue: The Teachers Club. 36 Parnell Square West,Rotunda. Dublin 1.

It is aimed at students who want to explore Film Acting or for those who have a keen interest in Filmmaking. The day is divided between instruction, followed by practicals – so all that is learned in theory is immediately put into practice. We switch constantly from theory to “on set” demonstrations.How to create a character

  • How to break s script down/Motivation/Objectives/Conflict
  • How to create a backstory
  • Confidence building
  • Improvisation
  • Acting for Camera-Angles-eye lines-framing
  • The 180 degree rule
  • Recording and Playback on screen of scenes rehearsed
  • Casting for TV Commercials
  • Who’s who in the credits
  • Voice & Movement-Body Language
  • Audition and Interview technique.
  • How do you find out about auditions
  • The Art of Self taping
  • The C.V. and Agent
  • Presentation and interview skills
  • Where can you find auditions

Course for Teens:

Fee: €195 A booking deposit of E50 is required and is refun