The Workshops run for 5 days from Monday 6th June-Friday 10th June 2022. Time: 10.30am- 3pm.The course is specifically designed for young people with little or no experience in film-making or acting for camera – which is very different from stage acting! It is especailly designed for students who would have difficulty travelling to Dublin but want to explore the possibility of making Acting or Film Directing their career choice.

Fee: E195

At DCSA, students learn the difference between stage and film acting as well as presentation skills and confidence building.

It is suitable for students who have a keen interest in both Acting and Film Making.

Many movie Directors and Actors began making short films as teens before going to film or drama school. Others learned creatively without ever going to film or drama school!!!! Others may be just curious as how you become a You Tube blogger like Casper Lee – who has become a very, very wealthy young man by just blogging.

It is aimed at students who either want to be Film Directors or for those who want to be Screen Actors. If you want to be a be a director or actor – you need to know how to direct actors, and as an actor you need to know what to expect from a director. You have to learn how to work with each other – to communicate with each other and to understand their respective roles, so that the film is the best it can be – with both parties pulling together. The day is divided between instruction, followed by practicals – so all that is learned in theory is immediately put into practice. We switch constantly from theory to “on set” demonstrations.

There will be a follow up 10 week course for those interested in the Autumn. It will run on Sunday Mornings for 10.30-1pm


The Casting Director
The Casting Director – What exactly do they do, and how do you become a Casting Director for Films/T.V./Commercials?

The Actor
What every Actor and Film Director needs to know.
The Essentials! How to create a character and back-story.
The importance of Improvisation
Acting for camera: Camera angles, eye lines, and framing

The Script

How to break s script down/Motivation/Objectives/Conflict

The Crew
What is a You Tube Blogger and how do you set up a Blog?
Who is needed on a film set, and who is needed off a film set!
What exactly does everyone do, from the “runner” to the “producer”.

The Director
Artistic Vision
Auditions and Casting
How to communicate with the Actor and Crew.

The Film Script
How the script is so important to any film.
The key ingredients for a successful script – Theme, Character, Story structure, conflict, tension.
How to break a script down.

The Camera & Lighting
We learn how to use the camera and how to light a set.
Crew up
Cast the roles

Shoot The Script
Shooting sample scenes using the knowledge learned about camera angles and eye lines for camera.
Playback on screen
Why editing is so important!

Course for Teens:

Dates:Monday 6th June-Friday 10th June 2022

Fee: €195 A booking deposit of E50 is required and is refun