Hi All,

For those who don’t want to troll through awful translations on the Stanislavski technique.

Here is a quick access workshop-led by Elizabeth Moynihan who will give  a workshop on Stanislavski on Saturday 8th June-for less experienced actors and on Sunday June 9th for EXPERIENCED actors.

Venue:The Lab Foley Street.

There are 2 places left on the Saturday Workshop- and 5 places left on the Sunday Workshop.

The cost is E65 for the one day workshop.

You will be required to bring two film monologues to the workshop and Elizabeth will work with you on them.

Places are limited.

The feedback on previous workshops to Dublin Central School of Acting has be excellent.

Stanislavski developed the method technique still being used by many actors world wide to help them create believable characters with real emotions and actions in the characters they portray. Stanislavski method acting is basically in seven steps.
Class plan is as follows.All are practical based.
Evolution of Stanislavski via The Actors Studio in New York.
The Classic Stano Warm -Up.
The Magic If is a highly effective tool for actors. When an actor starts to ask themselves if questions about the character that they are playing, they can discover whole new elements that can be used anytime they approach the creation or rediscovery of a role
Basic Stanno exercises:
Logger heads and the art of improv.
Justification of an action.
Room Re-Call.
Moment before.
Inner monologues.
Building a character.
Hot seatin

Day 1- Saturday 8th June-for less experienced actors: Specializing in:

Day One:

Actors wishing to pursue a career in acting with some experience;


Stanislavsky history, warm up and exercises

Justification of an action

Room Recall


Sense memory.

Logger heads


Scene study.


Day Two:For Experienced Actors-Specializing in:

Actors already in the profession wishing to hone their skills using the Stanislavsky technique.



Unlocking negative habits.

Your story.

Building confidence.

How to stay in feeling.

Stanislavsky warm up.

Scene Study.: Monologues.

Making your own work.


Elizabeth Moynihan trained under Deirdre O’Connell at Focus Theatre
Stanislavsky Actors Studio. She has worked in Ireland and the U.K as
an actor in Theatre,T.V. and Film, recently in Black Mirror on Netflix
and Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them as well a being an
award winning playwright. Her first play Cider Queens, won the
Zebbie( Writers Guild of Ireland award for best radio series. Her play
Tic followed Published by Liberty Press 2007. Focus theatre
commissioned a full-length version of ‘Tic’ in 2010.Which is now a
feature film at casting stage on going to print. Blood in the Alley theatre
commissioned a series of workshops of her play ‘In the Absence of
Snow‘ Her play ‘Walnuts remind me of my mother’, sold out the first
week of the Absolute International Gay Theatre festival 2009 and was
nominated at the Absolute festival awards that year. . ‘Slaughterhouse,
Swan’ was the hit of the Absolute Gay theatre festival 2010 where it
received five nominations and three awards including Best New
play, Best Actress and Best Visual Production. Her play ‘Pinching
for my Soul’ was staged in June 2011 directed by Blanche McIntyre at
the Focus Theatre. Elizabeth’s made her debut at the The Abbey
theatre with their commission of a short play entitled ‘Marvel’ which
was then developed into a full length play where it received a rehearsed
reading at The hotbed festival in Cambridge 2012. and production at the
Project in 2014 directed by Aoife Spillane-Hinks. Her play for 12-15 year
old on the subject of FGM I Want To Know was staged at the Abbey
theatre 2015 for international children’s day.