…*Casting call unpaid!! : A Night of Annoying Monsters and Disturbed Sleep!* short film. Seeking actor (male) between the ages of 15 and 20 play my lead character (Eric) preferably from derry for short film . . an anxious young mans thoughts manifests into a demonic force which tortures him and annoys him the rest of the night. hes anxious about his first day of a new term at school.
Eric age, 15-16
Vulnerable, scared, avoids situations, has a learning difficulty which causes problems sometimes with his social situations and grammar, anxious, nervous, nerd., So email me with your details and I’ll send a script . Filming will be in the on a Saturday starting around half 6 at night filming date to be confirmed. location in Derry Bogside at a house . If your interested in taking part in the role email at harkindarren747@gmail.com