We are looking for a LEAD male actor for a student production called ‘Routine’, as well as an additional male actor for a secondary role. ‘Routine’ is a short film telling the story of Freddie, a young, Dublin man who rides the morning trains every day at rush hour to briefly feel as though he is part of society and has a purpose even though he’s been unemployed for several years, aimlessly wandering around, confused about his future. Freddie is possibly the only man who enjoys the repetitiveness of ‘The Routine’ as it briefly suppresses his feeling of being lost in life after the rush of a working job. This idea to conjure up a past nostalgia of a purposeful life without the downfall of actually having to actively participate in the dull 9-5 lifestyle has worked over the past few months. However, we meet Freddie as he begins to become slightly sick of his passive lifestyle and a fellow commuter holds a mirror up to his unproductive ways.
If interested please email: MASETTIO@TCD.IE with ‘Routine Casting’ as the subject line and include:
-A headshot/clear photo
Character Bios:
Leading role. Freddie is medium build, Irish, and has a longish hair which is kept both scruffy at times but neatly combed back when in a work environment. Freddie projects a sense of boredom yet familiarity with his daily commute. He carries around the weight of knowing he is currently going nowhere in life despite being a previously ambitious young man. He should appear as though he is mid 20’s.
Supporting role. The passenger is non-specific build, Irish, and maintains the straight forward haircut of a working stiff in his early to mid-thirties. The Passenger is forth-coming and is not afraid to ask questions. He is polite and well-spoken but projects a sense of wisdom in his voice when speaking to Freddie.
Essential Dates:
Auditions: Tuesday 12th November in Trinity College Dublin
Shooting dates: 30th-1st November and 7th-8th of December