The script is for young people (12 -25) across Europe to produce. See

The writer will also work with with a group of yps in a partner country (France, Hungary, UK, Sweden, Albania) to  collaborate on ideas. There’s no requirement for it to be “about young people’s” issues in any specific way. We are looking for writers who enjoy working with young people but keen to create the most imaginative work with all participants regardless of age. Experience in the field of audio drama, theatre, or television is important.

Expressions of interest welcome from any cultural background and of any age 18–104. Applicants please send:

  1. a)      CV
  2. b)      A very brief EOI with one paragraph / set of bullet points indicating suitability and experience and one paragraph / set of bullet points indicating initial thoughts for a microdrama.
  3. c)       An extract from / link to work. (doc, pdf, mp3 link etc)
  4. d)      Two referees (commissioners / collaborators on previous work) happy to have a chat with us.


The writer will be working with the team of yps between September and October.  Script to be finalised  by end 2021. We will be looking for the usual process of 2 to  3 drafts and 1 to  2 sets of revisions.


A writer’s fee €1000 (equivalent) is payable. This is a full buyout for use and distribution in all languages etc.  An attendance fee for working with young people of €160  day including travel days (probably 3 total) plus travel / accomodation.

Send EOIs /applications marked “scriptwriter the transmission ”  in the subject header to