Ronan O’Leary has directed such films as “RIDERS TO THE SEA” starring Oscar-winner Geraldine Page and Amanda Plummer, “FRAGMENTS OF
ISABELLA”, “DIARY OF A MADMAN”, and “HELLO, STRANGER”, based on a screenplay by Truman Capote. Ronan also directed and co-scripted “DRIFTWOOD” starring James Spader.

His screenplay credits include Noel Pearson’s “FRANKIE STARLIGHT”, starring Matt Dillon and Gabriel Byrne, and the animated Bible series “THE SIGN OF THE FISH” featuring Sir Ben Kingsley. His documentary work includes “HOLD THE PASSION”, the history of the Focus Theatre in Dublin, featuring Gabriel Byrne.

As a film editor, Ronan’s credits include the war drama “THE SHELTERING DESERT” starring Jason Connery, and “SPEED DATING” starring Hugh O’Connor, plus numerous Irish shorts. He recently worked as Creative Consultant on John Boorman’s war drama “QUEEN & COUNTRY.”

Ronan has lectured at the UK’s National Film School, the London Film School, and the European Film School in Berlin, and served on Festival juries in Berlin, Cork, Bosnia and Croatia.