Hello, we are students from the National Film School. We are casting for our upcoming Short film END OF THE WORLD TOUR.
END OF THE WORLD TOUR follows Kemi’s love for her favourite boyband and their frontman. Leading her on a journey of self-discovery and fantasy, as she grapples with the band’s break-up and the conflicting beliefs of those around her particularly her god-fearing mother, Esther.
We are looking for BLACK FEMALE 30s-50s for leading role;
The character is written as Nigerian (Yoruba) but production is open to inviting other Black actresses with different backgrounds.
We are looking for MALE 20S to play COLE;
COLE is the guy of every girls dream, he’s a figment of a teenage fantasy and part of the world famous band WHYNOT. COLE is charming, cool, and just better than everyone else.
Director: Aisha Bolaji
Writers: Aisha Bolaji and Lucille Carolan
Producers: Jack Leach and Hana Mohamed
Shoot Dates: February 27th for 7 days
Wrap Date: 5th March
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Email us on if interest.