I work for Sid Gentle Films, the production company behind Killing Eve and The Durrells. We’re launching a scriptwriting competition for writers who identify as female to get more fantastic screenwriters into an industry crying out for female voices.

It’s called Thousand Films and is completely free to enter: https://thousandfilms.co.uk/

I really hope that some of you do!

A study by the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain in 2018 revealed that only 14% of prime-time dramas and 11% of comedy is predominately being written by women. It’s bloody shocking, but also in no way came as a surprise to women working in the industry, as I’m sure many of you are.

If you win, you get a prize package designed to kickstart your career, including the possibility of developing a script with Sid Gentle, a full expenses paid trip to the Edinburgh Television Festival and an industry bootcamp with the National School of Film and Television, and more.

To enter you need to identify as female, be a UK or Irish resident, and be over 16. You can’t be represented for your writing, though having any other form of agent is fine. We’re looking for finished 30-60 minute pilot scripts for an adult audience. Other than that you can write what you like – go wild!

The deadline is 30th April.

Feel free to ask me questions in the comments but I won’t respond to DMs (just trying to keep that golden work life balance in tact). You can also get in contact via our website or over email, info@thousandfilms.co.uk

We launched this competition today and it’s the first year we’ve done it, so if anyone has any suggestions of where else I can let people know about it, please do share them with me.LOOKING FOR FEMALE SCRIPTWRITERS FOR TELEVISIONLOOKING FOR FEMALE SCRIPTWRITERS FOR TELEVISION