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Unpaid Gratuity.
Shooting: 24th February – 1st March
Auditions: 7th December.

Adaeze, 30s- 40s, Nigerian Igbo Female

Nonso, 30s-40s, Nigerian Igbo Male

Pastor Moses, Nigerian Igbo, Male. 30s – 40s

Deaconess Sarah, Nigerian Igbo, Female, 30s – 40s

No previous experience required.

Logline: Adaeze and Nonso, after a recent miscarriage, have to deal with the trauma and stigma within their Nigerian-Irish community.

Synopsis: Nigerian immigrant Adaeze deals with the aftermath of a recent miscarriage. Everything in Adaeze’s life adheres to the idealised myth of domestic bliss. Despite her comfortable life in Dublin with her husband of 12 years, Nonso, she still feels displaced in Irish society and believes that having a child will remedy her sense of emptiness. As the support Adaeze receives from the church community becomes increasingly intrusive she isolates herself from the relationships in her life. Only by taking matters she learns how to mitigate her feelings of guilt and find closure in order to move forward in her life.