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David Curro –
Christopher Nolan –
Amelia Canali –

No Mans House
A pair of women turned con-artists attempt to steal from a vulnerable man who it is
revealed to be a fearsome killer.

Girl alone at night who pretends to be distressed to get in someone's house, and then
rob them.
A girl who can pull the damsel in distress act.
Smart, daring, and a con artist, she is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she
wants. Jordan is overconfident, easy going and a little self-centered.

The lead's friend, the second of their Con-job, Professional yet sibling relationship.
She is happy but aggressive, she likes to follow an anti-system image since she does
not dare to go alone, hates the police and loves to smoke.

Quiet, calculating, shy, but aggressive when working, Marc is someone willing to do
whatever it takes to get what he wants, he doesn't like to attract attention but analyses
whoever is in front of him.