‘Goodbye House’.

We are looking for someone who is considering downsizing. We understand people downsize for different reasons. Maybe their house is too big, children have all moved out, they may have lost their partner and they don’t need the space. Or, perhaps they need something thats all on ground level.

The idea behind the TV Show is that we want to help those who are thinking of downsizing, by showing them potential property. We work closely with their nearest and dearest to help find them a perfect new home.

Would it be possible to share the following blur and link on Facebook please so we can reach out to some of your members.

Thinking of downsizing your family home? But you just don’t know what the next step is and would like some help? As part of a new TV show for RTE1 we want to help you search for your perfect new house. If this sounds like you or know someone in this situation, contact 087 669 2253 or clink on the link below; https://goodbyehouse.typeform.com/to/mi1DqUG