Inspired by Gaspar Noe’s “Vortex” and “Before Sunrise” Following two women in Dublin. Their relationship forms. However when the two decide to be friends. The screen splits into two. Presenting the their relationship unfolding platonically and intimitally
Two roles
Sarah (18-24) (Taken) is a film lover. Shy and reserved. Feeling alone in the world at the moment. She escapes these sad times through films and novels. Which also makes her crave romance, which as a byproduct makes her more alone.
Contemplating dropping out of college. Not knowing what to do with her life. As she never asked the question what does she wanna do for herself rather than others.
(Have a few people interested in this role. But the more interested the better. However I’d like a chemistry test with the two actors)
Hannah (18-24)
A free-spirited closed-off girl. On one hand, wants to pursue her dreams of making art. However, on the other wants to have life experience. She always went with the flow in school. Now out of school, she is aimlessly drifting spending his days watching movies and daydreaming of making them. Reading books and pretends she likes certain ones just to feel smart in front of others. Deep down he is racked with doubt and insecurity.
Shooting days are August 2nd 3rd and 4th
Please email me if interested
Need a crew member for sound for the 4th (possibly)