Four Main Actors Required for a Dark Comedy – €200

Dublin Region, Ireland. Apply from all Ireland.
The story is about Jim, a young man who has been missing for several days after a music festival. When he returns home, safe and well, his tale of where he has been garners some unwanted attention and Jim must now face the music.

We will be shooting this short film in September over three consecutive days. Shoot locations are in Wicklow.

We will be entering this short film into festivals for 2021.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Shooting will be on Friday 11th September, Saturday 12th September and Sunday 13th September.

Auditions will be on Saturday 25th July; location TBC

Job payment

€200 per day – TBC depending on actor

Jim, Male Lead

The main character, Jim, is a charming yet sympathetic young man, a pathological liar who’s overdue some harsh lessons. He will tell any old yarn to get himself out of a sticky situation or to reap a reward. The truth is irrelevant and words don’t hold much meaning to him.

Male, aged 18 to 22

  • Acting experience: Previous paid speaking roles

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Maureen (Mother)

Maureen is a typical Irish mother who is too naive for her own good. Maureen’s love is strong for her son, and the penalty for that is 24/7 anxiety and worry. When her son, Jim finally returns home after being missing after the festival, her delight soon sours and her face stiffens, let the interrogations begin.

Female, aged 50 to 60

  • Acting experience: Previous paid speaking roles

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Tony (Father)

Tony is the epitome of the Irish father. A man of few words, but when he speaks his words have weight as a result. He listens to the others ramble and he nods and digests the content, only ever opening his mouth for a quip, to support his wife or to drop wisdom.

Male, aged 50 to 65

  • Acting experience: Previous paid speaking roles

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The Reporter is incredibly driven and always strives for the best content for her viewers. She is sympathetic to the vulnerable and brave to the nasty. Her program is adored by thousands for honest and relatable content. She is very well kept and well-mannered. Having spent years studying and working in journalism, she knows how to control a room, calm interviewees and more importantly when people are telling the truth or lying.

Female, aged 26 to 50

  • Acting experience: Previous paid speaking roles

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Applications close: 26 July 2020