Deadline: 27/02/2020

Role Information

Details of Role


Non-union student short film


Auditions: February 26th and 28th

Filming: March 8th 9th and 11th

Director: ​Jane Shirley ​

Producer: ​Sean Stapp ​

Audition Location: ​Griffith College, ​S Circular Rd Merchants Quay, Dublin 8

Compensation: ​UNPAID/ meal during filming, credit, copy of the finished film.

LOGLINE:​ ​A young woman from an abusive household recognizes signs of domestic abuse while making food deliveries and is faced with the choice to ignore the problem or take action.

Note: The Delivery contains little dialogue with a focus on physical performances.

BEE – (Female, 18-25) A meek, withdrawn, young woman who speeds through the world on her bike and drowns it out with her oversized headphones, but there’s a rage building inside.

JILL – (Female, 40-50) A weary middle-class woman trying her best to defuse her husband’s anger and protect her daughter.

TOM – (Male, 40-50) Bee’s domineering stepfather, easily set off, intimidating and looking for any excuse to start an argument.

CHRIS – (Male, 20-30) A controlling young man who spends his time sulking around the house and ridiculing his girlfriend.

ROSIE – (Female, 20-30) A bubbly and friendly young woman slowly being dragged down by her controlling gas-lighting boyfriend.

PAUL – (Male, 30-40) A well put together and charismatic businessman who insults and degrades his young daughter publicly.

Please email CV and headshot/photo to ​ We look forward to meeting you!

How to apply

Company: The Delivery

Enquiries should be referred to: Jane Shirley