WOLF (Irish Feature Film) 

‘Wolf’ is a high concept arthouse drama about a group of kids who believe they are animals trapped in a human body. They are residents in a clinic (nicknamed the zoo by the locals) which specialises in curing this disorder, know as species dysphoria.
The actors will undergo extensive physical movement workshops to embody the animals they claim to be.
This is a challenging film for all the characters and we welcome suggestions from physical performers and those with high level of training in gymnastics, dance and movement/physical theatre.
Please send suitable suggestions via email to assistant@shakyradowlingcasting.com 
Casting details:   Self tapes in the first instance
Dates: March-April 2020
Location: Ireland, Ireland
Producer: Jessie Fisk
Director: Nathalie Biancheri
Pay category: Equity/PACT

The Patients:

The German Shepherd (Rufus) Age 15-19
Home schooled, lonely, searching for acceptance. We see his desire to please just like a dog with a bone in its mouth. Was part of the online therian community because he didn’t have any friends. Would prefer a rather thin, weedy, long limbed boy not one that “looks” like a German Shepherd.
Panda (Annalisa) (14) Age 12-18
Born in an orphanage as the only black child she used to pray to be white. She started getting vitiligo, white depigmentation on her skin which slowly started spreading and left her half black, half white. She identifies with a panda because she doesn’t believe that God would do this to her. Should have the wise eyes of a panda but physically shouldn’t doesn’t look like a panda. We would welcome suggestions of artists who have vitiligo.
NHS – https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/vitiligo/
Images are for reference. We are looking for much younger actress for this role.
Parrot (Judith) Age 16-22
Has an eating disorder and wears the feathered wings and beak to hide her thin body. Despite the hiding she has a desperate need of attention, hence why, like a parrot, she mimics and repeats.
Duck (Ivan) Age 10-16
Ivan is a boy with a speech impediment. He had a severe stutter and he is afraid to speak. He only quacks and believes he is a duck.A small boy, rather duck faced. Looks like his animal.
Squirrel (Jeremy) Age 16-19
He wants to stay a child and pretends to be a squirrel so he can clutch his bushy tail and play with nuts. Doesn’t look like his animal. Handsome and tall with just nice chubby cheeks.