I am looking for some event staff on January 5th in Kilkenny/ Mullingar/ Waterford, just wondering if anyone will be able to help, I thought some of you might be home for xmas/new year, and if you happened to be at those places.
January 5th – event work- looking for someone switched on, hard working, enthusiastic with great customer service skills to work at the local ice rink as a representative/host, the duties will be to make sure the guests feel welcome and to check their tickets and tick them off the guest list
date: January 5th 2020
location: Kilkenny , Mullingar, Waterford
time: 5-8pm ( Kilkenny), 3:20pm- 6:20pm ( Mullingar & Waterford)
rate of pay : £60 ( yes for the 3 hours) – pay on self-employed basis within 3 weeks – this is around 71 Euros today, subject to exchange rate on the day of payment
if you think you fit the bill and interested, please give me a call on +44 7966835346 or drop me a Whatsapp message and i will be able to share more details with you looking forward to hearing from you
a little note, due the nature of the kind of job I am offering being self-employment freelance work ( it will be put through the finance system after the job is completed) , we unfortunately can not offer the opportunities to those who are on stamp 2 (student visa) or stamp 1G (graduate visa) or working holiday visas, this is due to UK and Ireland law. I apologize in advance if this might offend anyone