Here are the details about our Get into Film & TV Acting courses/Stanislavski workshops and Advanced Acting for Camera with Director Peter Sheridan-Actress Clelia Murphy and Writer of Fair City Hilary Reynolds. 

 Student Testimonials

Our next available GET INTO FILM AND TV ACTING for newcomers- 10 week all day Saturday course -starts on January 25th.10am-5pm.

Get into Film & TV 10 week all day Saturday Course starts January 25th.
The course is led by Casting Director Gillian Reynolds plus Guest Tutors/Directors who work within the Industry.
A Professional Crew and Photographer are brought in at the end of the course to take your headshot and Film/Edit your showreel.
The course covers:
  • How to create a character
  • How to break a script down
  • Improvisation
  • Confidence building
  • Acting for Camera-Angles-eye lines-framing
  • Casting for TV Commercials
  • Voice & Movement
  • Audition and Interview technique.
  • How to market yourself within the Industry.
  • The Art of Self taping
  • The C.V. and Agent
  • Make a short Film from theory learnt in Class.
  • Professional Showreel
  • Professional Head showreel
  • Here are a couple of  links as to what the showreel and headshot would look like at the end of the course
  • 10 weeks E65 Per Week
  • Advanced Acting for Camera: 3 Day intensive course.

    The Advanced Acting for Camera Course takes place Friday February 28th & 29th and 1st March

    It will be an intensive 3 Day course, employing two cameras, and focusing solely on film and TV scene work.

    In advance, you will be given an assortment of film script extracts to work on, with actors then working together in pairs.  These scenes will be filmed and then analyzed by the class.There will be a Masterclass with Film Director/Writer Peter Sheridan on film and the Art of Acting for Film.His class will be based on practical exercises for camera and playback based.

    There will also be a Masterclasses with a Clelia Murphy and Hilary Reynolds-(Principle writer on Fair City )who will work on Acting techniques and script analysis for T.V. Soaps and the approaches an actor takes to bring a soap character to life.They will Analise the subtle techniques needed to master the development of Soap characterization.

    Among other  topics that Gillian Reynolds Casting  will focus on:

    *  character and script analysis   /  the hidden subtext within the scene

    *  the importance of continuity within a scene  /  the creative use of props

    *  eye-lines/ .communicating emotions and thoughts without recourse to dialogue

    *  acting in TV sit coms,Episodic TV /Film / One camera or three-what is used for which medium

    We will devote the last day for  actors in group scenes, which will be filmed for instant replay and analysis.

    Cost: 3 days E195 


    Stanislavski Workshoppcoming courses


The one day Stanislavski Workshop is available on either the Saturday 1st or Sunday 2nd February.The 1st is for less experienced actors and the 2nd is for Experienced actors. The Workshop is led by Actor/Writer Elizabeth Moynihan.Actors are allowed to observe the class on which they are not booked in for if they wish.So you can attend both days- and just participate in your chosen workshop.Time 10am-5.30pm

You will be required to bring two film monologues to the workshop and Elizabeth will work with you on them.

Places are limited to 14.

The feedback on previous workshops to Dublin Central School of Acting has be excellent.

Stanislavski developed the method technique still being used by many actors world wide to help them create believable characters with real emotions and actions in the characters they portray. Stanislavski method acting is basically in seven steps.

Class plan is as follows.All are practical based.
 Evolution of Stanislavski via The Actors Studio in New York.
The Classic Stano Warm -Up.
The Magic If is a highly effective tool for actors. When an actor starts to ask themselves if questions about the character that they are playing, they can discover whole new elements that can be used anytime they approach the creation or rediscovery of a role
Basic Stanno exercises:
Logger heads and the art of improv.
Justification of an action.
Room Re-Call.
Moment before.
Inner monologues.
Building a character.
Hot seating

Day 1-for less experienced actors: Specializing in:

Actors wishing to pursue a career in acting with some experience;


Stanislavsky history, warm up and exercises

Justification of an action

Room Recall


Sense memory.

Logger heads


Scene study.

Day Two:For Experienced Actors-Specializing in:

Actors already in the profession wishing to hone their skills using the Stanislavsky technique.


Unlocking negative habits.

Your story.

Building confidence.

How to stay in feeling.

Stanislavsky warm up.

Scene Study.: Monologues.

Making your own work.

Cost E75