12 day Cinema Residency in southern Italy where a group of international creatives who don’t know each other get together to write, shoot, edit and screen short films.

Kino Guarimba is part of Cinemanbulante, a cultural integration festival in Calabria (Southern Italy) organised by La Guarimba. The fourth edition will take place in Amantea (Cs) between 10th – 21st June 2019. 

Amantea is located in the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria, a beautiful and not so well-known region in southern Italy. The 12000 inhabitants townhouses 300 refugees that are involved in this project.

In order to create a variety of positive impacts on the region, we have divided Cinemambulante into three parts: an itinerant film screening programme, a street art project and Kino Guarimba. The participants will experience social lunches, Calabrian/African folk concerts and a unique insight into our traditions.


To Where? Calabria is a melting pot of cultures from Ancient Greek to Modern Italian, including Arbërëshë, Albanese, Subsaharian African and Latin American cultures. In the region, you will find dialects, folk music and dances, catholic and pagan rituals, culinary expressions, the mountain and the sea among farmers and fishermen.

To Whom? This call is open to anyone, from Italy and beyond, who has already turned 18 at the time of their submission. We are on the lookout for filmmakers, technical crew and actors willing to learn and interact with others, to get stuck in even when communication becomes complicated.

Rules of The Game:

  • Participants must arrive in Amantea on the 10th of June between 09:00 and 18:00
  • All shorts must have at least one outdoors shot in Amantea.
  • All finished films must be handed in by 16:00 on June 21st with English and Italian subtitles.
  • Any short that fails to respect the above rules will automatically be withdrawn from the project.

Application: All applications must be submitted online by April 30th 2019

Selection: Candidates will receive confirmation of their application and information with the next steps via email. Our main goal is to create a multi-cultural film community with professionals, students and film enthusiasts. A community capable of engaging with the local population regardless of the language barrier. We use cinema as a tool to create an open society.

For further information, see http://cinemambulante.com/en/kino/ or you can contact the organisers directly via email info@laguarimba.com or by phone on +39 3392086981.