Currently casting for a #theatre production as part of the Scene+Heard festival. The show will take place on Feb 18th-19th at 6.30 PM.
The play is titled “Loves me, Loves me not”: Elaine is part of the rich Bedford family, owners of a business empire. She has gone through life having things handed to her, but her life is not as dazzling as it may seem. She is about to marry the man she has had a crush on for years: Charles Meadows. But as the hen and stag party take place, some life-changing secrets are revealed that will change Elaine and Charles’ life forever.
Here is a breakdown of the roles I am casting for:
  • Patrick Bedford: in his 60s. A strong, wealthy man, rules his world and family with an iron fist. Think Brian Cox in Succession.
  • Martha Bedford: late 50s. Meek on the outside, mean and lavish on the inside.
  • Martin Meadows: Early 60s. Has the personality of a doormat. lost all his wealth in the 2008 crash. Is completely subjected to his wife.
  • Lilian Gardner: Mid-50s. Martin’s wife. She has never forgiven Martin for losing all his money, and still maintains the pretence of being wealthy.
  • Charles Meadows: Late 20s. Mammy’s boy. He is engaged to be married to Elaine (already cast).
  • Sam Delaney: late 20s. Charles’ best friends since they were little, although he comes from a much poorer background than him.
Please email CV and headshot to and quote which role you would like to audition for.