LOGLINE : Joanne is desperately trying to provide for her and her teenage daughter Jackie in a world where food rationing cards are indispensable to survive.

JOANNE (40-45) Joanne is a distressed mother who’s struggling to make ends meet as food is hard to access. She wants a better life for her and her daughter but all her efforts seem to get no payback.
JACKIE (16-19) Jackie is an exhausted, angsty teen who’s angry at the world around her. Her relationship with her mother is quite distant. Though Jackie resents her for it, she still holds hidden compassion for her mum.

(These are potential character ages, if you are outside the age bracket you are still welcome to apply)
If interested, send us your CV / self tape audition to rationedfilm@gmail.com

Accepting submissions until 22nd January

The self tape : a 2 minute video of your reactions to someone reading out a sample screenplay (of your choice). As this is a non-dialogue piece we are interested in your facial expressions and reactions.

If you have any any further questions please email rationedfilm@gmail.com

May be an image of text
Patrick John Wall, Sree Vallabhaneni and 4 others