Short film to be shot in Maynooth


Auditions next week, Thurs 21stMarch in Dublin City centre (and possible further dates to be announced)

A  short film “BAD TRIP”

After 4 years of drugs and soul-searching with his best friend Nick, Patrick re-visits his hometown to find that things have changed irreversibly in his absence as he struggles to connect with those around him

Looking to cast 2 lead male characters

Patrick (18-28) Quiet, easy-going and friendly. He finds it difficult to deal with tragic circumstances that he comes home to in his life

Nick (18-28) quite rebellious and not the brightest; quite a comical performance here at times

Also supporting roles

James (50-65) Subdued and quite a tough-natured working-class character

Jane (20-30) Kind and affable girl who’s life has been transformed due to a recent tragedy



(Also note, both the actors playing characters Patrick and Nick must have full driving licences)

To apply for an audition please contact


And/or (Director) with headshot, CV, and showreel (if u have one) and we will contact successful applicants very soon with details.