Casting call for new U.S./Irish co-produced micro-budget feature film The Yellow Wallpaper, which is shooting on location in Limerick/Clare in July.

A depressed young writer in the late 19th century is restricted by her well-intentioned physician husband to a summer of bed rest in a remote country estate, but the isolation – and her obsession with yellow wallpaper pattern in her room – sets in motion her descent into madness.

The Yellow Wallpaper is a canon of feminist literature, a short story written in 1892 by Charlotte Perkins Gilman featuring complex layers and themes that, although written in a Victorian era, still resonate with contemporary life and politics. Both story and author are well known in the literary world as early influencers of feminist themes in writing, and to this day the story remains a staple of high school and collegiate reading, raising fundamental issues around women’s roles in society, mental illness, and social expectations of women’s mental and sexual health.

About the project:

Genre: Historic Thriller / Drama
Tentative shooting schedule: July 1-18th
Locations: Limerick, Clare, Ireland
Paid roles: €120 per day

To apply, send a link to a reel, headshots and CV to including the character name followed by your name in the subject line.
Callbacks will be asked provide self-tape of provided sides.
Accent / Dialect: Standard American Accent circa 1890
(Producers are looking for something that “feels” period but isn’t too cumbersome for the audience or the cast.)


JANE – Lead (cast Alexandra Loreth)
Jane a young writer and artist, suffers from postpartum depression and finds herself imprisoned in her husband’s well-intentioned yet detrimental care.
● Female, age range of 19-25
● Height: 5′ 3’
● 36 scenes

JOHN – Jane’s husband, a physician
John, an 1890’s doctor restricts his depressed wife’s behavior as part of a “rest treatment”. Unlike his imaginative wife, John is extremely practical, preferring facts and figures to “fancy,” at which he “scoffs openly.” He seems to love his wife, but he does not understand the negative effect his treatment has on her.
● White male, age 30-45
● Height range: 5′ 6’ – 5’10’
● Build: medium, moderately attractive but not too pretty
● Approximately 15 Scenes
● Approximately 5-7 days

JENNIE – John’s sister
John’s sister, Jennie, acts as housekeeper for the couple. She takes care of her brother’s household since his wife is incapable. Her presence and her contentment with a domestic role intensify Jane’s feelings of guilt over her own inability to act as a traditional wife and mother.
● Caucasian woman, age 30-45
● Height range: 5′4 – 5’9’
● Build: medium, not too pretty
● Approximately 18 scenes
● Approximately 5-7 days

MARY – Servant / Nurse (Irish casting, likely to only be in Ireland)
Mary takes care of the baby. She is a mysterious and enigmatic character that may be a fantasy in Jane’s mind. Jane sees glimpses of herself in Mary.
● Caucasian woman, age 22-35
● Height range: 5′3 – 5’8’
● Build: lean, fit
● Approximately 5 scenes
● Approximately 2-3 days


JAMES – Jane’s older brother who is also a doctor. (Waiting until John is cast)
● Caucasian male, age 40-50
● Height range: 5′ 6’ – 5’10’
● Build: lean, not too fit
● 1-2 scenes

Carriage Driver
● Male 45-60
● No lines
● Opening scene