Unpaid.We’re currently casting for a student short film/ TV Pilot that will take place in Louth towards the end of February and very early March, the locations will be in Drogheda, Dundalk and Carlingford. Food and travel allowances will be covered, it would be helpful if you are located in either Louth or Dublin.
“A secret pub that exists in its own pocket dimension receives visitors from various eras across Ireland’s history.
The project is titled ‘The Ace of Spades’ and I am the writer/ director for it, we will have a crew of approximately a dozen people and to briefly describe the project as simply as possible, it involves a pub that everyday receives three visitors from different time periods in Irelands history, for the first episode there will be an Outlaw-Western type character from the the 1890’s, a Garda from the 1980’s and a Politician from the 2040’s. The project will be around 25 – 30 minutes and primarily be set in the main Ace of Spades pubs, with other locations featuring in brief flashback scenes to where the characters came from.
We have 9 characters that we are looking to cast but currently we are focusing on the main four, which are as follows:
Ace – Male/ Lead Role – 20’s: Ace is the current owner of The Ace of Spades, he’s a bit of an unusual character who feels welcoming, while also mysterious. He welcomes all three visitors into the Pub and is tasked with explaining the situation to them.
Brendan – Male – 30’s: Brendan is our Outlaw character and the first person to enter the pub. Fresh off of a bank robbery, he’s anxious, paranoid, and quick to point his gun at anyone who he doesn’t trust.
Éabha – Female – Late 20’s – Early 30’s: Éabha is the second character to enter the Pub and comes from the 1980’s, she’s currently chasing a criminal and while less anxious than Brendan, is also very weary of the environment she finds herself in. Éabha gave up a lot of things she loved to be a Guard but now she’s wondering if that’s really her future, she’s obsessive but ambitious.
John – Male –30’s – 40’s: John is the final of the three characters to enter the Pub and comes from the near future: 2046. A politician who has been stabbed in the back by his co-workers, he enters the pub already drunk and argumentative. John is a bit of a snob and thinks quite highly of himself.
Other than these four we are also looking at Aaron, who is the same age as John and a fellow politician. James and Grant, two Guard characters in their 30’s. Molly, the love of Brendan’s life who is in her late 20’s – early 30’s. A bartender in their 50’s – 60’s. Each of these characters are present in one scene each which will be one of the flashback scenes.
If you are interested, please email your showreel or CV to D00215532@student.dkit.ie.