Hi Everyone! We are a group of Final Year Film Students and are currently casting a student short film that will take place in the Dundalk, Co. Louth region. Food and travel expenses will be covered.
If you are interested, please email your showreel/self-tape to: brokensilencetvdrama@gmail.com
SynopsisBroken Silence follows the life of Niamh McMahon a 23-year-old biological science student who is in her final college year. Niamh is dealing with the aftermaths of a night out at a college party that’s blocked from her memory. She becomes overpowered by flashes of the night’s events, all while struggling to regain her voice in connecting with those around her. Niamh is desperately trying to find some sort of solace in a world filled with so much noise.
For more information on each of the characters, please find the link to the StarNow website where each character is described in detail (https://www.starnow.com/casting/broken-silence-2559612/…)