We are now casting for a comedy-drama audio play/podcast about one girl and a range of different romantic relationships and sexual encounters over a number of years; actors must therefore be comfortable with mature themes and be over 18 to apply.
EWAN – LEAD ROLE (Appears aged 15-23)
Ewan is one of our main character’s oldest friends. A rather dramatic character, he provides much of the comical relief and narrates an extensive amount of the story. We are looking for an actor who can carry scenes, and who can bounce off other actors (improvisation skills would be a bonus here). Ewan first appears as a 15 year old but also at various stages from teens to early 20s.
ASH – LEAD ROLE (Appears aged 18-25)
Black/mixed race. Ash is the older and cooler brother of another friend Calum. His popularity hides some deeper insecurity. In total contrast to Ewan, he tries to maintain a calm and indifferent persona, but loses this in moments of extreme fear and stress. His love/hate relationship with Ewan cause them to bicker like an old married couple in some comedic scenes. He is serious and sensitive by nature but must be able to deliver quite a dry or flat comedic lines.
OLI – LEAD ROLE (Appears aged 15-23)
Appearing from transition year right throughout college, Oli is our main character’s closest companion. Quiet, thoughtful and constant, he is the calm to her storm and a solid source of stability for her. A nonjudgmental confidant, Oli has always been more mature than his peers but he lacks confidence and can come across as shy.
All Actors must be comfortable with mature themes and be over 18 to apply.
As this project is independent and non-commercial, we are looking for a creative collaboration with an actor who would enjoy the opportunity to explore and to invest in their character and in the themes/topics!
If you are interested, please email with your name and role in the subject and tell us why you would like to get involved and please include a sample of showreel/voicereel material. We will be arranging auditions for a weekend in May in Dublin city centre.