Casting for digital ad – Photos of Housing Milestones

Deadline: 30/04/2019

Role Information

Details of Role

*Note – we are just casting for photos of people, as opposed to the people themselves;
the cast will not appear in person in the ad, just their photos – so no need for them to physically attend casting or be at the shoot. License fee will be paid for the use of photographs in the videos, further
information available on request.

Your homes in different life stages –
We focus on the Family Photo Album, we will see a series of photos of you in your homes at seven different life stages on a fridge door.

Examples include:
Photo 1. When you were a toddler building a lego house
Photo 2. When you were a child in a wendy house/shed/tree house in the back garden
Photo 3. As teenagers camping at a festival
Photo 4. Couple moving in to your new home – getting the keys to new home, crossing the threshold
Photo 5. Having a party in a kitchen that’s clearly too small to hold that amount of people
Photo 6. Growing up and getting too big to fit in bunk beds
Photo 7. Building of an extension/renovation to the house to make it larger to accommodate growing family

Please note above are just examples – open to other ideas/images that reflect the family journey from moving in to the new home to the family outgrowing the house

Character Breakdown*:
There is no dialogue, and also no physical characters, so we are looking for strong photographs that can convey a variety of moments.

Actual age: 40 something with tweens or teenager children
Nationality: Irish
We are looking for someone who has photos of themselves in their home as described above in each of the 7 stages

How to apply:
Email by 30th April with:
– details of the photos you have
– digital copies of the photos themselves
– photos taken on your phone of the older photos (for them to be scanned properly at a later date)
– Please note everyone who appears in the photograph will need to sign a consent form, or if they are under 18 currently, it will need to be signed by a parent/guardian.

How to apply

Company: indie pics


Enquiries should be referred to: alexandra