“Yearbook” short film
Following the aftermath of a horrific tragedy. SCOTT (20s) spends the day with EVA (40s) his best friend MIKE’s(20s) mother after a horrific shooting at the hands of her son. The two spend the day grieving, grappling, and comforting each other through the aftermath and emotions after the shooting.


SCOTT (20s) Rugged. Wearing one hundred masks around everyone he knows

EVA (40s) Short. Able to stand her ground in a deep Ocean bed. Without drawing attention. Looks and dresses more like someone who doesn’t want to be a mother

MIKE (20s) 
Timid. Feeling like a stranger in a room full of family. Like a ghost feeling out of place in a graveyard.


(Any additional language is good. Could shoot in English or other languages. Depends on casting of course)

House Location needed or spacious apartment if any have some Available. Will pay.
Probably a two-day shoot max. In Dublin Ideally

Shooting dates
24th and 25th of February (may change depending on availability of location

Cinematographer (experience with Blackmagic pocket cinema camera 6k ideal)

email for more information