CAST needed for a short film shooting at the end of August!
It will be a four-day shoot for a short film inspired by Irish legends. All cast positions are PAID.
We will be shooting on August 28th and 29th in Kerry – then we travel up to Dublin on 30th August – and then we shoot in Dublin on 31st August and 1st September.
Casting-wise, we have our lead actress for the project, but we are looking to cast the following three actors in Dublin:
  • An 11-year-old boy (or a boy who looks that age or younger, and preferably with longish, 1980s-style hair). Dublin-based actor needed for the two shoot dates in Dublin.
  • An ethereal old woman (ideally with very long white or grey hair) who looks in her 70s/80s. Actress needed for all four shoot dates in Kerry and Dublin.
  • A tall, ethereal woman (ideally with long red hair) in her late 30s. Dublin-based actress needed for the two shoot dates in Dublin.
  • Two old men who look in their 70s/80s. Actors are needed for shoot dates in Kerry.
It would be amazing to get any recommendations on the cast as it’s a tricky brief – please feel free to share this post.
And if there are more suitable groups for casting to post in, please let me know!
Please feel free to contact us at with any questions, queries, or recommendations.