Gowran Little Theatre

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 (Performance dates 21-24 October)
4 Men & 4 Women.
The action takes place in a restored thatched cottage close to the sea in the remote townland of Ballybeg, County Donegal. The time is the present [1982], early in October; a sunny, gusty afternoon (Act 1) and that evening (Act 2).
The plot centers on the character of Tim Gallagher, a junior lecturer in linguistics, who is borrowing his friend Jack’s cottage so he can pretend to his girlfriend’s father that he in fact owns the property and is responsible for its restoration. Tim is writing a thesis on “Discourse Analysis with Particular Reference to Response Cries,” and one of the many ironies running through the play is that his character is woefully inarticulate except in the context of discussing his thesis. Confusion and chaos abound, with every character at some point confused with another or assumed to be what they are not. As is characteristic of Friel, this confusion is achieved through linguistic descriptions and failure of communication. The farce ends with the roof of the cottage literally falling down on top of Gallagher.
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