Open Audition Workshop on Wed Jan 15th for the Firedoor Theatre Uncut Showcase
Firedoor Theatre will be holding an open audition for a number of parts in the Firedoor’s UNCUT 2020 showcase. UNCUT is Firedoor Theatre’s annual showcase of short plays, taking place at the end of March this year.
These are pieces which have been written by Firedoor Theatre members and whilst some parts have been cast, we are looking for more people for main and minor parts. These will be performed at the Pearse Centre between the 25th & 28th March 2020.
The audition workshop will be held on the 15th Jan between 7 & 9pm.  Workshop will consist of the writers / directors of the pieces explaining what the piece is about, the characters involved and then asking candidates to do readings from the script.
If you would be interested in attending please email to receive a list of the parts available and / or reserve a spot at the workshop.