ACCasting is looking for a BLACK METAL or HEAVY METAL BAND for a new ad campaign.

V nice fee if cast.

No acting experience needed.

The band members might have long hair or shaved heads, tattoos and should definitely have attitude.

We’ll be casting this one from clips – you would need to be available for one day for the shoot 12/13th March.

Anyone interested should film a quick clip of their band following the instructions below


Email some pics and a bit about you and your band including a contact number to: putting BAND in the subject line.

What to film if submitting a clip

1. First introduce yourselves – make sure we can see you clearly.
2. Give a contact phone number for one member.
3. If anyone has been in an ad before let us know.
4. Confirm you’re available for the dates.
5. Play a little something for us.

It would be great if you could wear whatever you wear when performing.

To upload a clip just click click apply and follow the instructions to upload.