I am looking for a producer, for a short 20 min piece, that will be staged as part of Scene and Heard, in 2020.

It will be children’s piece, centered around imagination, play and movement. We cannot release further information here, until the festival begins, but we can give information directly, if anyone is interested.

The piece will be performed 1 or 2 times, in the third week of the festival (between the 23rd and 29th)- dates are TBC. We are also going to facilitate a short children’s workshop, with the other company in our slot.

As this is Scene and Heard, we are trying to do this on a small budget- it will be profit share, between all cast and creatives- currently there will be two actors in the piece, and then we are looking for a producer and director. We can guarantee that all costs you may come up against will be reimbursed, and then when the show is finished, a cut on any profits.

For this producer role: we would be happy to take on someone with little (or loads) of experience! We just want a person who is excited about the work- the role will be mainly helping us promote the show, assist with any production elements for the set, and help with finding rehearsal space. It would not take up a massive amount of time- it may suit someone who is looking for more experience.

If you are interested, please contact Andrea on bolgerandrea@yahoo.co.uk, or on 085 1031042.