4 Actors Required for Main and Supporting Roles in Dark Comedy Thriller

Two gangsters are ordered to dispose of the body of their bosses mistress in the forest. However things take a turn for the worst when she turns out to still be alive and seeks revenge.We plan to shoot it in black and white. It will be shot in a forest. We are still in the process of location scouting.

4th Year TUDublin production
Unpaid Student Film

Auditions will be held in TUDublin Tallaght Campus on Thursday March 5th

LUKE, Lead Character

Luke is the more experience of the two. He’s second in command. He’s cranky and sarcastic. He’s irritated by Mikey. He also has a short temper.

Male, aged 28 to 45

MIKEY, Lead Character

Mikey is new to the life of crime. He’s an amateur, he’s unprofessional and annoying. He’s also wimpy and scares easily. He’s is particularly afraid of Paul.

Male, aged 21 to 28

TARA, Lead Character

Despite having to appear to be dead for the first half of the film. Tara comes into the forefront in the second half of the film. She is a strong, feisty character. Angry and determined. She is out for revenge

Female, aged 22 to 35

PAUL, Supporting Character

Paul is Luke and Mikey’s boss, he’s the alpha male and they both do as he says. He’s also prone to violence and outbursts of rage.

Male, aged 38 to 60

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