College production (SETU) looking for 4 male actors and 1 female actress mainly in the Carlow area. Travel and food expenses will be covered.
John Vincent (Detective)
  • Male/Beard/Snarky/Grizzly/Intimidating aura – looks like he can handle himself in a tough situation/ Intelligent, detail oriented, won’t give up.
Finn Campbell (Client)
  • Male/late 20’s early 30’s/Cowardly/Smart/Naive/warm/Doesn’t look too imposing.
Anthony Higgins (Partner)
  • Male/ Late 20’s/Hasty or reckless/less talk more action/Loose cannon/Loudmouth/Eager to prove himself to John.
Billy Handsome (Gang leader)
  • Male/Mid to late 30s/Well-built/Really expressive with his body language and hands/Willing to do anything to get what he wants/comfortable being in a fight.
Rose Campbell/Scarlet (Client’s wife/ Gang member)
  • Female/ Mid 30’s/Can pull off looking like they’ve been in a good few tough situations/Conniving, smart, cold, / To her husband she works from home as a housewife/Looks imposing when needed
This is a noir style piece involving an ex-cop detective on the edge of bankruptcy, investigating an accountant’s wife. The wife is a part of a criminal gang and is the leaders righthand woman. This gives the detective a chance to clear a case and get some cash, but also avenge his old partner who was killed by this gang.
Hours: Tuesday (24th), Wednesday (25th), Thursday (26th), Tuesday (31st), Wednesday (1st), Thursday (2nd), times TBD.
Locations: Carlow, The Swan (Clarmallagh),
If you are interested and available, please drop me a line with your showreel and headshot to