‘I Finally Realized’ is a coming-of-age short film about a brilliant sensitive young man who learns to adjust to his friendship falling apart after a tragic fight.

Character One (Male, 18-25)
Alex is a brilliant yet sensitive young man who navigates the ups and downs of losing his friendship with his best friend Liam after a fierce fight.

Character Two (Male, 18-25)
Liam, Alex’s confident yet arrogant best friend turns rogue on him after their fight.

Character Three (Male, 18-25)
Shane, the dominating and intimidating high school bully causes the fight between Liam and Alex.

TARGET SHOOTING DATES: 16th August – 24th August 2022

Location: Carlow

N.B: This is a non-paying student film yet meals will be provided.

Contact if interested. Deadline 11th august