( No pay. Food and transport provided)

Three acting roles available for audition. This is a graduate student film with goals to be entered into multiple film festivals. The shooting dates are from 21st – 23rd March.

“The Magical Reckoning”
A revenge-driven fantasy thriller that follows a witch in her quest to avenge the death of a coven member by a mysterious Witch Hunter.

Role 1:
AOIFE McCALMOUNT (20-25) – Female, open ethnicity. Dark, mysterious and proactive in carrying out her goals.

Role 2:
RONAN GATLEY (18-25) – Male, open ethnicity. Smarmy, cunning and antagonizing in the face of danger.

Role 3:
ENDA GATLEY (18-25) – Male, open ethnicity. Loyal to the cause, upholds the values of brotherhood.

Please contact the email for more information i.e Scripts and audition dates