Casting Call

The Mill Theatre for:
Sisters – A New Irish Musical

Book & Lyrics by Tracy Ryan
Music & Lyrics by Kaeylea B. VanKeith

Set in Dublin, 1971, Sisters tells the story of Bernadette Boland, an unmarried mother ostracized
for being a “fallen woman”, and her sisters: Kathleen, a newlywed determined to have the perfect
home and marriage, and Noleen, who rejects the notion of domesticity and embraces the sexual
revolution, much to the disapproval of Ma, the Boland sisters’ ever-present and imposing mother.

As Bernadette struggles to find housing & employment, she soon finds herself caught up in the
tumult that gave birth to the Irish Women’s Liberation Movement – placing her at a crossroads
between her traditional upbringing and the growing desire to make her own choices.

Kathleen discovers that happily-ever-after might only exist in fairy tales.

Noleen seeks fun and adventure but must face the consequences.

Ma unravels as her daughters make choices beyond her control.

These family and social dynamics are explored alongside a changing Ireland and the growing
liberation movement that made women’s lives more visible in Irish society.

Sisters is a story of female empowerment, the discovery of a broader sisterhood, the search for
“home”, and, ultimately, a sense of belonging.

Rehearsals: 23rd August – 17th September (Tuesday – Saturday 4 weeks, daytime rehearsals)
Get-In dates. 18th/19th/20th/21st September 2022

Preview 22nd September
Opening Night 23rd September
Performances 24th September
4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th October

Cast detail:
We are seeking Musical Theatre Performers (some doubling as instrumentalists) in the following
age ranges:

Female x 4: Playing ages 18 – 24

Bernadette Boland, 24, Dubliner, eldest Boland sister and devoted single mother of Katie.
Strong and capable, but has been shamed and shunned by society and her community, including
her own father. Doing her best to make her way in the world and take care of her child.

Kathleen Boland, 21, Dubliner, middle Boland sister & peace maker. Newly wedded, she is a
dutiful wife and daughter. Plus ensemble.

Noleen Boland, 18, Dubliner, youngest Boland sister, cocky, adventurous and a bit of a trouble
maker. Plus ensemble.

Nell, 24, Derry, member of the Irish Women’s Liberation Movement. Confident and passionate, a
leader who encourages Bernadette on her journey. Plus ensemble.

Female x 2: Playing ages 45 – 52

Ma, 46, Dubliner, matriarch of the Boland family. Both loving and stern, with strong ideas about
how things should be done. Plus ensemble.

Margaret, 52, Scottish, owner of Gaj’s restaurant and member of the IWLM. Bernadette’s
mentor and employer. Plus ensemble.

Female x 1: Playing age 6

Katie, 6, Bernadette’s daughter, lively & curious. Very attached to her ma & all the Boland

Male x 5: Playing ages 18 – 28

Joe Boland, 23, Dubliner but living in London, working on the building sites. Laid-back, likes to
have a good time. The ‘golden son’ of the Boland family. Plus ensemble.

Frank, 26, Derry, activist & rabble rouser. Bernadette’s love interest. Must be able to play guitar
(acoustic and electric). Plus ensemble.

Sean, 21, South Dublin, Trinity student from a well-to-do family. Charming & flirtatious, a
player. Noleen’s love interest. Plus ensemble.

Aidan, 18, Dubliner, ‘boy-next-door’ to the Boland family. Gentle, shy, has a life-long crush on
Noleen. Plus ensemble.

Lorcan/Lorna, 28, friend to Bernadette and co-worker at Gaj’s. Transgender. Also plays Sister

Audition Process
We would request those applying to video self-tape and submit the following:
1. CV and headshot
2. Two song excerpts, as follows (use backing tracks & sheet music provided,
please email for files):
• Beautiful (first 3 sections – stop around 1min, 9 seconds)

• Musical Theatre song of your choosing (approx. 32 bar cut), Mid-tempo or Up-

• You’ve Got a Friend (1st verse & chorus)

• Musical Theatre song of your choosing (approx. 32 bar cut), Mid-tempo or Up-

Child (Katie):
• Where is Love? (2 verses, stop at approx. 1 min, 40 seconds)

3. A contemporary monologue, no longer than 2 minutes.
Please indicate any instruments played to a high standard (not required for every role).
Instruments of particular interest are: violin, flute, guitar, bodhran, cajon, cello.
It is not required to audition with an instrument.

4. If you play an instrument, please submit a video recording of you playing the
instrument(s) no longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds. This can include playing/singing

The different songs/monologue/instrument performances can be recorded as separate videos, but
please merge them into one continuous video prior to submission.

Please submit applications no later than 6pm on Saturday, 16th July to:
submit videos/headshots/CVs to

You’ve Got a Friend – Eb Major – MN0058994_U6

Beautiful – C Minor – MN0136312

Where Is Love – C Major (orig key)

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