Please see full character descriptions below. Issam is written as 12, originally from Nigeria and speaks English with a Dublin accent. Ideally the actor would be 13 or over but not essential at all. Kya is written as 17, originally from Nigeria and could speak with either a Dublin or Nigerian accent. Please do tell us your actors age when submitting.
We also have some adult roles that might be difficult to find so if any of your actors have family or friends or relatives that might be right for these roles and would be up for taping we’d be so grateful if you could ask and let us know:
PACA – Nigerian, Issam and Kya’s mother, aged mid 30s – 40s.
MORAYU – Nigerian, late 60s, female.
JI-WOO – Currently written as Korean and would ideally like to find a Korean actor, but it’s not essential she’s from Korea, could be from any other Asian country. Or possibly from Africa or the Middle East. 
EDOUARD – Elderly man. Currently written as from Cameroon and speaking Pidgin English, but it’s not essential he’s from Cameroon, could be from any other African country. 
HUSSAN – Syrian, male, aged 40s – early 50s.
At the moment we can only consider actors who are living in Dublin or Wicklow.
Please note that this film is about the Direct Provision system so there are some upsetting scenes in the script.
If suggesting via email please send to Elaine on and CC Doireann on  Please make sure to always copy both of us! 
And please always include photos and CVs where possible, rather than names only.
ISSAM FUAR (Male, 12 years)

TO PLAY 12. Nigerian. Speaks English with a Dublin Accent.
Ideally the actor would be 13 or over but not essential at all ..but please tell us your clients age when submitting. 
Living in a Direct Provision Centre with his mother Paca and sister Kya where they share a room with Ishtar. Likes to play football and go to the cinema with his friends. Confides to Ishtar that he sometimes worries he isn’t fun.
He will have some moving scenes with a lot of reaction but potentially no scripted lines but with improvisation.
Approx. 5 good scenes.

KYA FUAR (Female, 17 years)
TO PLAY 17. Nigerian. Speaks English, could have Nigerian or Dublin accent. Please tell us your clients age when submitting.
Living in a Direct Provision Centre with her mother Paca and brother Issam where they share a room with Ishtar. Kya and Ishtar have a good friendship, Ishtar helps Kya with her makeup and giver her advice on boys. She’s smart, has won a scholarship. Like most teenage girls she loves getting her makeup done and going out with her friends and boyfriend. She’s a dutiful daughter who helps her mother.
Approx. 6 scenes.



Director: Frank Berry
Producers: Aoife O’Sullivan, Tristan Orpen Lynch, Donna Eperon
Companies: BBC Films & Subotica Entertainment
Dates: April – May 2021 with prep end March 2021
Location: Dublin