The film is about eviction in rural Ireland and tells the story through the eyes of an 11 year old girl who has a very vivid imagination. The shoot will take place in Dublin over the course of five days commencing 18th March.
  We are currently casting for all roles in the film, which may interest some of your students. I have outlined them below.
Caoimhe McDonnell:
11 years old. She is as wild as the wind, an adventurous spirit with a  vibrant imagination. She is fiercely protective of her family and her home, although she is sheltered from the more difficult struggles they face by her parents,she is still quite perceptive in her own, innocent way.
Niamh McDonnell:
Niamh is in her late 30s/Early 40s and she is blossoming into middle age. She is a shrewd, hardworking woman with a gentle manner and a sharp tongue. She is a caretaker, and strives to protect Caoimhe from the world as best she can. She is a loving and supportive wife and mother.
William McDonnell:
William is a farmer with a deeply rooted sense of place and love of the land. He is crumbling under the weight of impending eviction but can’t bear to let his family see that. He encourages Caoimhe’s fantastical imagination in an effort to keep her safe from the harsh realities they face. He is softer than he appears and relies on his wife’s unwavering support to carry them both through.
Terry Breen:
 Terry is a banker who doesn’t particularly care about the struggles the people he is evicting face. He is slimy and perfectly kept in a way that alienates him from the farms he is repossessing. He is smug in his interactions and passive aggressive in his speech.
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