Good afternoon,
My name is Bruno Rodrigues, I am producer and director currently working on a project of a series, with 10 episodes. The process, due the script in many different timelines, will be carried out within one year. We started the recordings with the smallest stories first (which will be memories of the main character of himself in young age).
We are, at first, selecting actors for the main character in three stages, childhood (6 years), adolescence (16 years) and adult (32 years). Physical characteristics of the main actor will be brown eyes and hair, white or brown skin. Preferential ethnicity for Latinos or Eastern Europeans, but not essentially rule. If we have interested people born in Ireland or the United Kingdom which we believe will be a great addition and talent, we are comfortable transforming the origin of the character, as it has no impact on the development of the story.
Interested send Face Photo / Reels (if you have) to the email with the subject “The name of Khaos – Actor” . We are not essentially looking for professional actors, everyone is welcome to apply.
The theme of the series is Human Traffic and is a Action / Drama Series.