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About the role:
Character Jonathan – Bisexual Drug dealer.
Jonathan is one of the main characters of this drama. He is a drug dealer who experience a hidden relationship with another guy. Jonathan is abusive, aggressive and arrogant, also scared about falling in love for another man. He will pass through a behavior change during the movie
What we’re looking for:
Male. Age between 23 to 30 years. (Irish or fluent in English). We prefer a LGBT actor, once we have scenes with both male character kissing, or someone who feels comfortable with the idea. No previous experience is needed but if you have any is better.
The movie is a college project, and the duration is estimate in 30/40 min video.
The project brings a little of what we live daily (all LGBTQ+ community). Family rejection, abusive relationships, depression, excessive drug use and a topic that is very alarming lately, high level of suicides.
Never Let Me Go (2022) by Bruno Rodrigues: Almost about to graduate in college, two students in the last year face life in a unique way. Jonathan is a young drug dealer with no worries in graduate or future, very confident about himself. Alec, to the other side, finds himself alone and trapped in his own head, unable to find a way to get through this moment of doubts and weakness, diving deep into a universe of drugs, sex, alcohol, and parties.
We are recording in Dublin, outdoor and indoor – Some scenes are in my own apartment as part of the scenario (D01) – Near to Conolly Station. We seek to find a male actor to join our casting team in this hour paid role.
Our cast so far is composed of 2 Irish actors and 2 Brazilian actors (male and female). We have also place for extras.
We are working with Koen and Zordan Media, two amazing Video Producer Companies . We have for the movie 4 different types of cameras, 2 drones and all equipment. All actors will sign a Contract with myself and Zordan media with the agreements for image rights, shooting dates, as much as paid hours, transport in case of over 12km distance from the shooting zone, etc.
I’ll leave my number here. And whoever wants to participate in the selection for the new character or extras, give a shout. Contact only by Whatsapp.
+353 87 398 2323