Some actors are still needed for roles in a playlet to be performed in late October in a Dublin festival of very short dramas (of up to 10 minutes duration). All of the action takes place in the kitchen of a house which is on view to prospective purchasers one afternoon prior to auction. An underlying theme of the story to be told concerns unresolved trauma and its effects on individual personalities.
While the Sales Agent is showing one prospective buyer around the property, sundry characters enter the kitchen and walk through it while discussing with each other the condition of the property and the state of the market, especially CIS and her friend MAIRIN (both in the age range 30-50, preferably) who live just down the road and who enjoy seeing inside other people’s houses (but as a hobby – they have no intention of bidding). MORGAN (preferred age range 38-52) and MICK (preferred age 36-50) are two men who have come along to the same viewing. They had lived in the area as children but then moved away around thirty years ago following a local tragedy. This is the first time they have returned, but it’s clear at least one of them remembers it all too well – and not all in a good way.
If interested in any of the roles, please reply here asap with your CV/headshot and giving details of your availability for the rest of this month; or send an e-mail to