Students in the National Film School are holding auditions in August for a short film we’ll be shooting in September.

Role & Project Descriptions
There are four roles in the film, two of which are children. They are Adrienne, female, 17-23, Finn, male, 17-23, Claire, 10-12 and Katie, 7-9.

Adrienne is a teenage girl torn between her desire to grow up and her need to hold on to the bond she shares with her two younger sisters.

Finn is nervous before his date with Adrienne, but he hides this fear surrounding his lack of experience by feigning maturity and presenting a cool and confident exterior.

Claire is the middle of three sisters. Sensitive, observant and caring she is the pillar that supports the bond between the three girls.

Katie is the youngest of three sisters. Silly and fun-loving, she is the joker of the family and delights in making others laugh. She looks up to her eldest sister Adrienne and relies on the caring Claire for guidance.

Dates and Locations
Auditions will start on the 1st August and the shoot will be over four days mid-September.

The film will be shot across three locations: in a house in Dublin, in a stationary car near the house and on a beach in Wicklow. Most of the film will be shot on the beach.

The roles are unpaid but transport will be paid for lunches provided so no one has to go out of pocket taking part.

We have a a Starnow page with more details but if anyone wants to take part without making a Starnow account they can just email me directly before the 31st of July and an audition will be scheduled for them or material for a self tape will be sent, depending on preference.

Thanks for reading this, we appreciate your time and really hope you consider taking part!

Davy Hudson Tyrrell, producer