Hello everyone,
Happy Smiles Media are making their first feature film next year called ‘OUR CHILDREN’. The film follows a mother as she tries to find the person who murdered her son in a gang-related shooting.
The film is a ‘no-budget’ project, a run and gun indie project. Our hope is that the film performs well at festivals and to maybe end up on a streaming platform.
We are only casting the ‘lead’ role and a main supporting role at the moment, we will have another casting call up in a few weeks for other supporting roles.
The LEAD role is a mother, CAROLINE, 37-42 playing age. The arc is that of a kind, loving mother who is pushed towards a darker side as the movie progresses.
The MAIN SUPPORTING role is QUIQ – Playing age 17-18. A young man who was best friends with Caroline’s son. He has a secret to hide while also balancing his role in a gang and being kind to Caroline after her loss.
We are having AUDITIONS in THE LAB, in Dublin, on the 17th December (Tuesday). Actors will be assigned a time and given sides (A scene or two from the script) to perform at the audition.
We’re looking for someone who will be committed to the role. We plan to shoot the film in 3-4 stages from February to July 2020. Think of it like 4 short films. We need an actor to ‘hopefully’ love the script enough to want to be involved and finish the project.
The first shoot date is – Feb 17th for 3-4 days. The shoot will take place in Dundalk.
All travel expenses will be covered, and food.

If you’re interested in auditioning, then please e-mail HAPPYSMILESMEDIA@outlook.com with a Showreel and Headshot.

Below is some links to some other work we’ve created over the years:
My Father’s Son (Short film) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-gTT6l_eRM&t=98s