The Advanced 3 day Acting for Camera Course takes place February 28th & 29th and 1st March

Times: 10-5pm

Venue:The Central Hotel Exchequer Street.Dublin 2

Fee: E195

Masterclasses for actors who have trained but want more Film and TV experience. The workshops focus on Film technique,script analysis and are all practicals based.We explore soaps, Eposodic tv and Feature Film and the use of single camera, multi camera set ups.

It will be an intensive 3 Day course and focusing solely on film and TV scene work.

In advance, you will be given an assortment of film script extracts to work on, with actors then working together in pairs.  These scenes will be filmed and then analyzed by the class.There will be a Masterclass with Film Director/Writer Peter Sheridan on film and the Art of Acting for Film.His class will be based on practical exercises for camera and playback based.

There will also be a Masterclasses with Hilary Reynolds-(Principle writer on Fair City )who will work on Acting techniques and script analysis for T.V. Soaps and the approaches an actor takes to bring a soap character to life.They will Analise the subtle techniques needed to master the development of Soap characterization.

Among other  topics that Gillian Reynolds Casting  will focus on:

*  character and script analysis   /  the hidden subtext within the scene

*  the importance of continuity within a scene  /  the creative use of props

*  eye-lines/ .communicating emotions and thoughts without recourse to dialogue

*  acting in TV sit coms,Episodic TV /Film / One camera or three-what is used for which medium

Liam O’Neill will work on Directing Actors and talk to actors from a Director’s perspective on what to expect on set.