Paid roles
MARIAN, 65, middle-class, overweight and frumpy. Marian threw herself into her work as a legal secretary for 50 years. Now that she has been thrust into retirement, she is forced to see her crushing marriage with coercively controlling Nigel for what it is. Now, feeling lost and worthless, she has to find a new life for herself, no matter the cost.
JEWEL, 17/18, Dublin working-class, streetwise and a born survivor. Jewel has raised herself since her mother disappeared with she was 12 and now earns her living in the sex trade. She has built up a tough shell to protect herself and doesn’t need anything from anyone, until she does.
NIGEL, 64, middle-class, uptight and obsessed with what the neighbours think. Nigel is a petty, fearful and mundanely cruel man who controls what he can – his wife.
SAM, 17/18, Dublin working-class, a fun and friendly ray of sunshine. Sam is a talented, hard-working tattoo artist with a positive attitude – he is someone impossible not to like.
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Deadline 26/8/2022
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