The roles require actors to travel to Morocco -shooting from 26 June -5 July 2022. You would be required for 1-3 days depending on the part. You will need a valid passport.
The roles are non dialogued- however we do require actors.
Only reply to:
Please send a photo and CV and if you have a showreel
Please feel free to share!
Essentially the characters will be filmed partaking in State processions, religious ceremonies, walking through palace courtyards, attending banquets, in their chambers etc… There will be a kissing scene involved for many of the cast- nothing else- just kissing in specific scenes.
We need 4 males and 4 females
1. A ancient Princess -(Age 20’s)- Black- or Middle Eastern-Arabic looking
2. Queen – (Age 30’s)-Black- or Middle Eastern-Arabic looking- could be of Indian Origin
3.Queen 3 – older man makes his moves on her attempts to kiss and fondle her.(Age 18)=Middle Eastern-Arabic looking-Eastern European
4. Queen 4 – kissing scene involved – 18-24- meditarian- olive skined -dark hair
5. Prince (30’s)-could be Black Arabic- middle eastern- dark meditarian
6. Prince (late 20’s) – we need to be able to age him 30’s, 40’s 50’s–could be Black Arabic- middle eastern- dark meditarian
7. Statesman (50 – 55)- dark- sallow skinned
8. Statesman – thick curly hair (40)- dark skinned- Arabic- Middle Eastern- Eastern European